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This is the first post and I think if you like technology then I suggest you get the following software/ tools to help you out in the coming years as a researcher. I will expand on them in separate posts sometime later but let’s start with:

  1. Endnote or any other bibliographic reference software such as RefWorks – this should be obvious but you would need this for keeping track of all those papers you read
  2. Google Desktop or any other desktop organising software – just helps you find things on your computer just in case you’ve misplaced them!
  3. Adobe Acrobat Standard/ Professional or any other pdf annotator software – helps in highlighting and making notes on all those pdf journals you might download
  4. Blogging area such as with wordpress, blogger, typepad etc – great place for keeping your research journal. I did a comparison of three types recently on my blog: Blogger/ Livejournal/ Wordpress – you can have a look and see which might be best suited for you. 

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